General Information
Gender: Male
Other Information
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Arthur (father)
Lloyd (brother)
Charlie Prince (stepbrother)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by: Keenan Tracey

Andrew McGowens is the secondary antagonist of Rags. He is the son of Arthur, brother of Lloyd, and stepbrother of Charlie Prince. Unlike his brother, he is not dim-witted. He is seen being mean to his brother Lloyd whereas Lloyd tries to be nice to him.

He is portrayed by Keenan Tracey.


With his brother, he makes up Androyd.

He and his brother made a demo to send in to the Majesty Records talent search contest. They get a response back saying they did not make it to the final round. When Arthur finds an invitation to the Majesty Records masquerade ball in Charlie's pocket, he tells Charlie he could not go. He sees the invitation as a secod chance of getting his sons discovered.

At the ball, Arthur urges Andrew and Lloyd to get on stage and perform to show Reginald Worth what he was missing out on when the winners of the talent search were unable to make it. The two boys do so, but are booed off the stage.

The next day at The Palace, Andrew overhears Lloyd telling Charlie that Charlie and Rags had the same markings on their shoes. Lloyd then promises not to tell anyone of this fact. Andrew sneaks off and rummages through Charlie's things and finds his songbook. He shows it to his father who finds it interesting.

The end credits imply that Andrew and Arthur were seen cleaning the toilet as punishment for their misdeeds.


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