You jealous, Charlie? You should be.

— Arthur to Charlie about Android's demo CD

Arthur McGowens
General Information
Gender: Male
Affiliations: The Palace (formerly)
Other Information
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Former owner of The Palace
Family & Friends
Family: Andrew (son)
Lloyd (son)
Charlie Prince (stepson)
first Wife (deceased) Second Wife (deceased)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by: Robert Moloney

Arthur McGowens is the main antagonist of Rags. He is a selfish father of Andrew and Lloyd, and stepfather of Charlie.

He is portrayed by Robert Moloney.


At The Palace, a karaoke bar, Arthur stops Charlie when he finds him singing a song and cleaning, so Charlie tells him that his mother let him sing whenever he was cleaning, but Arthur doesn't care for the story. Instead, he says Charlie's mom left him in charge of Charlie and the "dump" he now has to run.

He makes Charlie drop off a demo CD of Androyd's to Majesty Records for their talent search and gives him a curfew of midnight. When Majesty Records sends back a response to the demo, Arthur finds out that Andrew and Lloyd hadn't made it to the finals in the search, much to his disappointment.

He later catches Charlie sneaking back in the karaoke bar through the bathroom window and finds an invitation to the masquerade party in his pocket. Arthur sees this as a second chance to get Andrew and Lloyd discovered and tells Charlie he couldn't go.

At the party, Arthur bumps into a disguised Charlie and follows him around because of the familiarity. He gets distracted when it is announced that the winners of the talent search couldn't make it to the ball, so he urges Andrew and Lloyd to get on stage and sing and show Reginald Worth what he passed up on, but the two are booed off, and Arthur criticizes everyone.

Angry, he tells his sons they were going to have to strategize, and they leave to head home.

During the end credits, Arthur and Andrew are seen cleaning the toilet, implying that they will be working in the palace now under Charlie's ownership as punishment for their cruelty towards Charlie.


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