Nickelodeon's Rags: A Hip Hop Fairy Tale

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If you missed the showing of Rags on May 28, don't worry! A special behind-the-scenes viewing premiered June 2!


Rags Trailer

Rags Trailer

Did You Know. . .

  • . . .that Max Schneider, Keke Palmer, Drake Bell, Burkely Duffield and Avan Jogia all have Nickelodeon in common (Max is in How to Rock, Keke was in True Jackson, VP, Drake was in Drake & Josh, Burkely is in House of Anubis and Avan is in VicTORIous)?
  • . . .that this movie is supposed to be like Cinderella, but with a male lead?
  • . . .that two songs from the movie (Stand Out and Me And You Against The World) were performed at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards pre-show?
  • . . .that this movie was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where some of the actors were born?
  • . . .that Avan's character originally did not have an accent, but the creators loved Avan's British accent that they let him keep it?
  • . . .that Nick Cannon is a producer for this film?
  • . . .that, similar to his other movie School Gyrls, Nick Cannon is in the movie?
  • . . .that Max's favorite color is purple, and his favorite sport is soccer?
  • . . .that Max is not related to Dan Schneider, creator of some of Nickelodeon's most popular shows (All That, Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, iCarly, VicTORIous, etc.)?
  • . . .that Rodney Jerkins, writer of the music in the film, has written hits for other artists such as Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga?
  • . . .that Rosero McCoy (Shake It Up!, America's Best Dance Crew) did the choreography?
  • . . .that Drake and Justin Bieber have the same initials (JDB)?
  • . . .that this is Keke's first time producing a project?
  • . . .that during a photo shoot for Rags, Max, Avan, and Drake surprised Keke with a pink, white, and black whimsical cake for her eighteenth birthday?
  • . . .that the last day of shooting for the movie was on Max's nineteenth birthday?
  • . . .that Max revealed on twitter his dad's name is Dan Schneider, but not the Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon?
  • . . .Tracy Spiridakos isn't listed as starring in this film on some websites, but she revealed her part on a video by Keke Palmer that also starred Carlena Britch?
  • . . . that Max Schneider plays the ukulele, keyboard, and guitar?

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