Hey, guys, why don't you get a shot of that set that I'm paying so much for?

— Reginald to an MTV interviewer and her crew

Reginald Worth
General Information
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Majesty Records
Other Information
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Music mogul
Family & Friends
Family: Kadee Worth (daughter)
Friends: Irma
Romances: Irma (possibly)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by: Isaiah Mustafa

Reginald Worth is a music mogul and father of Kadee Worth. Unbeknownst to him, Irma, his daughter's publicist and stylist, has a crush on him. He is portrayed by Isaiah Mustafa.


He tells an MTV interviewer that Kadee is Majesty Records's biggest star, and he could remember when she was singing in diapers.

When his daughter asks why she couldn't sing her own songs, he tells her that he got her all of the best songwriters money could buy so she would be protected.

He manages to get Nick Cannon to come out to his masquerade ball at Majesty Records.


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