Maybe one day you'll be as famous as she is.

— Shawn to Charlie about Kadee

General Information
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Majesty Records
Other Information
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Sound engineer
Family & Friends
Friends: Kadee Worth
Reginald Worth
Charlie Prince Lloyd McGowens(Enemies) Arthur McGowens Andrew McGowens
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by: Drake Bell

Shawn is a character and a duetrengonist in Rags. Shawn is the "fairy godmother" to Charlie Prince.

Shawn is portrayed by Drake Bell.


Shawn has an awesome ear for music and has been working as a roadie/sound engineer for a few years. He spots young and promising talent wherever he sees it -- even on the street. When he sees Charlie performing, he's struck by his skills and decides to help him cut a demo and get his career on the fast-track to fame.


Shawn first meets Charlie when Charlie was performing on the streets with some other dancers. He puts a few dollars in Charlie's hat, compliments him on his performance, and mentions that maybe one day he would be as famous as Kadee Worth.

They meet again when Charlie is told by Arthur to drop off Androyd's demo CD to Majesty Records. While there, Charlie learns there is an open postion for janitor and fills out an application, and Shawn spots him. He asks why Charlie would want to be a janitor and comments that he should be making a demo. When Charlie leaves, Shawn tells the receptionist that she should give Charlie the job. She asks him if he would go out with her, and though he declines, she tells him she would still make sure Charlie got the job.

Now employed at Majesty Records, Charlie wanders into what he thinks is a vacant recording studio and sings Hands Up. Shawn awakens from his slumber to try and stop him, but, after hearing it, records it instead and plays it back for Charlie to hear. Startled as he saw no one in the room, Charlie apologizes for messing with the equipment, but Shawn tells him that he could get Charlie a demo because he sounded like a real recording artist. Charlie then sings the rest of his song, and, because Shawn liked it so much, a few others he had written.

Charlie meets up with Shawn at the Majesty Records ball. At the time, Andrew and Lloyd are performing, but Shawn can't stand it, so he urges Charlie to get on stage. He gives Charlie the stage name of "Rags" and when he is questioned about it, he replies, "I figure when you're huge, you'll need to remember where you came from." Onstage, Charlie performs Not So Different At All. All this is a nice furure for anyone for the world!!!


  • He narrates the story.
  • He is a sound engineer at Majesty Records.
  • The female receptionist at Majesty Records wanted to go on a date with him.
  • He is the reason Charlie got hired at Majesty Records.
  • He is the "fairy godmother" of Charlie.


Shawn: to Charlie Keep it up, man. Next time I see you, it’d better be on an album cover.

Love You And Hate You Director: What's wrong with playback?
Shawn: Working on it, boss. I don't know; this computer had a panic attack or something.

Shawn: Kadee, your dog is chewing on the microphone.
Kadee: Trumpet! That microphone is not a dog bone!

Shawn: Hey, I thought I was supposed to see you on an album cover. What happened?
Charlie: Hey, you saw me play in the streets the other day.
Shawn: Yeah.
Charlie: Wait, do you work here?
Shawn: Yup, studio engineer. And you want to work here as a ...janitor?
Charlie: Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve just wanted to scrub toilets.
Shawn: I can see how that beats playing music.

Shawn: Hey, do me a favor. Make sure he gets hired.
Majesty Records receptionist: Will you go on a date with me?
Shawn: No.
Majesty Records receptionist: I’ll still do it.


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