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  • I live in Yugopotamia
  • My occupation is wandmaking
  • I am an earthbender

I am the founder of this wiki!

Thoughts when I first created this wiki


This is too cute.

I don't remember how I suddenly came across the trailer for Rags, but I loved it for some reason! I loved Keke in True Jackson, VP and Drake in Drake & Josh, and Max is just so cute! How to Rock is not a bad show either, nor is VicTORIous, which Avan stars in.

I immediately looked up the movie's wikia because I love editing them, but it didn't have one, so I just clicked "Start a wiki." This is my first time creating a wikia, so I hope I do this justice!

Favorite scene

I absolutely loved it when Kadee threw Charlie's ID badge and he caught it! I laughed so hard for some reason!

Random quote

Charlie: To Kadee No, you're hilarious.

Finn: To Kadee Could you move over a bit? I just want the light to hit my cheekbones.


This made me laugh.

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